Thursday, September 07, 2006

starship troopers

this movie came out in 97.

i remember thinking it looked very cool (although i never actually watched it). and i meant to, but i didn't. i was watching tv last night and it was on movie time. i don't understand how that much crap was put into a movie in 97 and gotten away with.

first off, it features great actors like Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards and Jake Busey. there's no way to understand how painfully horrible their acting was without actually watching the movie. the acting and sound effects were worthy of a lengthy soap opera. i honestly didn't watch the rest of it, so i'm not sure what kind of plot the movie has, but the 5 minutes i did watch were surreal.

the movie is set in the future. the scene is of guys who were in a military bunk and the supposed "mailman" walks in with the "mail". he calls out names and gives out things that look suspiciously like 3.5" floppies (which are already extinct). the hero (i'm guessing), Casper, takes his and plugs it into a flat screen over his bunk. the movie he gets is of his all-eyebrow girlfriend Denise breaking up with him because she's "going career" as a pilot. i remember that in 97 we had email and the internet. if 300 years into the future you have a flat screen above your bunk, you are bound to have EMAIL. soldiers NOW have tactical gear that they carry on their backs that allow for commands to be relayed, enhanced night vision, networked communications, high-tech aiming, back massages and cyber-sex. i think the only reason they don't have internet is that they don't want the soldiers to be distracted by hot girlfriends' emails or by playing second life.

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