Monday, October 09, 2006

borderline ocd

a good friend of mine once pointed out that i have borderline ocd. i think she was right. below are some of the symptoms:

1. i can't see a twisted phone cord and leave it alone. i have to take the handset off (or unhook the cord), loosen it, then place it back
2. when i put away paper money in my wallet, i have them all without wrinkles (as much as possible), sorted descending with faces facing upward
3. i cannot sit on a rickety chair or at a rickety table without attempting to fix it (them). i use napkins that i fold many times
4. i can't see tilted frames and portraits and not fix them
5. you know when you buy a new phone or stereo or tv? it has all these nice labels boasting its features? i will promptly remove them
6. clogged salt shakers may not remain clogged
7. ketchup bottles are meant to be shaken
8. new phones or digital cameras are free game for exploring (even if they're owned by people i don't know)

if you know me and have noticed more illness symptoms, please post them in the comments section.

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