Saturday, October 28, 2006

pedestrians are at fault

as you may all know, driving in jordan is very close to a nightmare.

i personally think that when a pedestrian is hit by a car, the pedestrian should always be at fault. the law, unfortunately, does not agree with me, but i do have very strong reasoning backed by many, many examples.

the reason is quite simple: no sane person would do anything less than the absolute limit of what is possible to avoid hitting a pedestrian. i do not think that someone being hit in the street is a driver's fault: streets are for cars, not idiots jaywalking.

this morning, on my way to bakehouse, i had the unfortunate experience of almost hitting 3 people on the road. it was, of course, a direct outcome of shitty thinking and shittier planning.

if you know the area, there is a tunnel connecting dawar dakhlieh to the third circle. right before the tunnel, coming from dakhlieh, there is a slight tunnel which goes under the bridge which connects one part of abdali to shmeisani (right next to abc bank). now coming out that first slight tunnel, you can't really see the next tunnel because the road falls again to it. there i was about to hit the people.

you see, those idiots decided that they need to close the tunnel for work (maintenance or something) and to do that place the red cones across the entrance. this unfortunate morning i came to that tunnel around the time they were placing the cones. i hit the brakes but they screeched. the three idiots working there looked up at the source of the noise, froze for a sec, then ran away from the street. thinking back, it was kinda comedic, but at the time, it was really serious. thankfully my right was empty and i had slowed down enough to avoid hitting anyone or anything (although i might've annoying some drivers since although i did not get any honks one guy did dim his lights at my way).

why the fuck didn't these guys place a warning sign that people can see? they were working in the street in an area that can get them killed. it's no rocket science: if you can't see the cars coming, there is no magic way they can see you working.

idiots. those guys deserve to be hit by cars.

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