Saturday, October 14, 2006

implausible scripts

in "john tucker must die", the extremely hot brittany snow (oh watch the movie if you appreciate hot girls, especially her in the red underwear) suffered from being a loser that no one noticed in school. if there was a school that did not notice a girl that hot, the guys there are either all gay or suffering from severe eye sight problems. imagine what would happen if a girl like that walked into my school. i think after the ensuing riots, civil unrest, suicide attempts and general chaos the male students would've dusted themselves and put hand in hand to build her a shrine.

hideous scarlett johansson

in "in good company", topher grace is standing opposite scarlett johansson (more pics of her here and here as well :) in her dorm room. the wallpaper was blistering and he was getting a tan just standing opposite her: she's that hot. she acted rather horribly in that movie, but that scene, she dimmed the lights, put on some soft music, and was seducing him. he was understandably attracted and dry-mouthed, but for reasons you'll understand in the movie, he knows he shouldn't touch her (fag). so he looks at her and says "if only you weren't so beautiful" and she goes "i'm not". gaagh. scarlett not beautiful? now that ugly broad from "my big fat greek wedding is not beautiful". scarlett johansson is breath taking (lousy acting aside). the lines should be like "if only you weren't so beautiful" and she goes "but then you wouldn't be in my dorm about to do the nasty thing". much more plausible.

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