Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the cold of winter

winter is just about here in amman. winter tends to have some pleasant associations for most people: hot chocolate, watching the snow while cuddled with sahlab on a day off, fireplaces (thanks to the american movie industry) and other sorry-ass illusions.

winter sucks.

were it not for the water we need from rain, i'd contently live in a winter-free country (as i will very soon). most people know it's winter from the clouds and rain and lower temperatures. i know it's winter when my toes start getting cold. they get cold (never to retain their normal temperature) till the spring of the following year. i've tried socks, double-socks, insulated boots, etc, but nothing works. i think it's a sign my body gives me.

then there's the rain. rain is nice from behind a window in a well-heated environment. rain is not nice when you're trying to cross the street to get to your car. rain is even less nice when you need to cross an area that was once dirt (dirt+water=mud). rain is absolutely depressing when it gets one soaked. rain also causes wet interiors of cars. snow isn't better. it clogs the streets, makes people lazy and turns into ugly gray slush in a couple days.

cars are always filthy during winter (on account of rain and snow and dirt form the roads). days are very short, it's always dark. then there is, of course, the more expensive winter clothes. why they cost 4 times as much as summer clothes is beyond me. i know there's more fabric, but that's the least cost in clothes.

need i go on? winter sucks.

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