Tuesday, October 10, 2006

arab tv series

this entry has been modified because sally pointed out that all arab series deserve bashing. indeed.

arabs have a proud heritage of producing top-quality tv series. i am sure that each of our great countries has produced similar series (i've seen my share of jordanian ones), but recently i have been forced to watch some. arghgh. see when my mom watches tv, she usually follows these shows. they're basically soap operas (with the exception that these series actually have conclusions, not ever-running like typical soaps), with plots that are almost always the same, and acting, well, fitting of soap operas. and as i like to pamper my mom, i am forced to watch these shows with her.

the series make me want to gouge my eyes out, turn them around, and pop them back in for the dark view of the inside of my brain. the disgusting love scenes between fat ladies (who actually tease! i would throw up if one them even came close to me) and old guys (somehow rich guys in these series always drive outdated benzes) push me to drive hot nails through my brain. and the original dialog and unexpected plot accompanied with the most heart-wrenching music there just drives me to pour boiling wax down my ears and lose my hearing for good.

i'd rather light myself on fire than watch these shows. at least it would be more fun. i'd rather get hit by a car, run over by a truck, spend a month in the hospital, two weeks of which are in a coma, then take a year to recover than watch them.

yes, i hate them that much

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